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Monthly cost SEK 2,196*
  • Free comparison
  • Multiple lenders - one UC

The interest rate is variable and is set individually. For an annuity loan of SEK 180,000 with 10 yrs term, nominal interest 7.95 % with SEK 0 in start-up fee/aviation fee, the effective interest becomes 8.25 %. Total amount to pay SEK 261,497 divided by 120 installments gives a monthly cost of SEK 2,179. Updated 2023-11-01.

Repayment period 1-20 yrs. The maximum interest rate is 29.40%. Interest range 5.2-29.40%

Your application is sent to the lenders that best match your profile

How our loan comparison service works

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Apply for a loan by yourself or together with someone. You do not commit to anything and it costs nothing to get loan offers.

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By comparing several banks and lenders, you can find the best conditions and the lowest interest rate for your finances.

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When you have received loan offers and compared them, it is time to decide which one to choose.

Take out a loan with Zmarta

  • Personal loans up to 600 000 SEK

  • Mortgages up to 10 000 000 SEK

  • Get loan offers from several banks and financial institutions simultaneously

  • Only one credit report from UC

  • Apply in only a few minutes

The importance of comparing before you take out a loan

By comparing different banks and financial institutions before you sign up for a loan, you can get a better loan offer with the most advantageous conditions and the lowest interest.

Financial institutions take several factors into consideration when deciding what level of interest to give you on your loan. They will assess your financial situation and the likelihood that you will be able to repay your loan, among other things. Different financial institutions put different emphasis on these factors and as a result, interest levels and conditions may vary between them. This is why you should compare loans from several different financial institutions before you apply for a loan.

Compare loans with Zmarta

When you compare loans with Zmarta, your loan application will be sent to several banks and financial institutions simultaneously, with only one credit report from UC.

  • Enter how large you would like your loan to be and your preferred repayment period

  • Enter your details and whether or not you have a co-applicant

  • Review your application and submit it

  • You will receive one, several or no loan offers

In short, Zmarta will handle the legwork by collecting the best loan offers from banks and financial institutions to match your financial situation.

More benefits of comparing and applying with Zmarta

1. Simple process and quick answers

It is quick and easy to enter your details and the amount you wish to apply for. Your application will be sent straight away and you will be matched with up to 35 banks and financial institutions.

2. Free of charge and no duration period

To compare loans with Zmarta is completely free of charge. There are no obligations tied to your loan application, and you are not required to accept any offers.

3. Only one credit report

When you submit your loan application through Zmarta it will be sent to up to 35 banks and financial institutions. Even though you may receive loan offers from 35 different financial institutions, only one credit report is required. This means that your creditworthiness is not affected, something that could happen if you brought your application to every single bank and financial institution separately. 

4. Great personal service

Here at Zmarta, we employ loan specialists. They will make sure that you receive the best possible support during the whole loan process.

Tips for receiving favorable loan offers

Apply for the right amount

Many people think that the risk of getting their loan application turned down will increase if they apply for too high an amount. This is not true. A bank will not reject an application just because you have applied for a loan that is larger than what they believe your finances can handle. They will give you an offer of an amount that they believe to be reasonable.

You are stronger together

Your financial position will be more sound if you have a co-applicant. You have an increased chance to get a larger loan at a lower interest if you apply together with someone else.

Apply again

If your loan application is turned down, and you still wish to take out a loan – apply again when your personal or financial conditions change.

How can I get a low interest loan?

When you take out a loan from a bank, you will pay back the loan (amortization), as well as the cost for having the loan – interest. By comparing, you can make sure that you sign up for a loan with the lowest possible interest. Let Zmarta help you – compare up to 35 financial institutions simultaneously to save both time and money.

Why take out a loan?

What type of loan is best suited for your needs? Are you buying a house or taking a trip around the world? Are you maybe looking to consolidate several expensive small loans, in order to lower your monthly cost? Zmarta can help you with three types of loans – personal loans, mortgages and business loans.

Mortgage loan: A loan with a residence as collateral 

When you take out a mortgage, your residence acts as collateral for the loan. You sign up for a mortgage loan if you wish to buy a new house, transfer your existing mortgage or extend your mortgage in order to renovate your home. You can only extend your mortgage if you have an overcollateralization – that is to say that you have not fully used up the loan-to-value ratio (85 %). Find out what you need in order to take out a mortgage today.

Personal loan: A loan without collateral

When you take out a personal loan, you do not need to provide anything as collateral for the loan. You can therefore use a personal loan for a trip, a wedding, a new car or home renovations, for example. Many people use a personal loan as a means of consolidating expensive loans and credits to lower their monthly cost.

Business loan: Kick-start your small business

If you are looking for startup capital or if you need to boost your small business, Zmarta can help you compare 11 different financial institutions to find a business loan that is a good match for you and your business.

Other types of loans

Zmarta can offer you several possibilities when it comes to consolidating and comparing low interest loans:

Consolidating loans and credits is a great way to save money, and also get better conditions and a lower interest rate. Compare and redeem your expensive loans with Zmarta.

Loan requirements

If you wish to sign up for a loan online with Zmarta, we have the following baseline requirements:

  • You must be over 18 years old

  • Your annual income must exceed 100 000 SEK

  • You need to be registered in the Swedish social records

  • You cannot have any unpaid debt registered with the Swedish Enforcement Authority (Kronofogden)*

*With “unpaid debt” we do not mean records of non-payment, since some banks and financial institutions will still approve your loan application even though you have records of non-payment. Unpaid debt means any outstanding debt with the Swedish Enforcement Authority that you have not paid yet.

Can I take out a loan even though I have records of non-payment?

Some financial institutions will approve your loan application even though you have records of non-payment. They will make a manual assessment of your financial situation, and you have the possibility to take out a personal loan despite records of non-payment. 

Increase your chances with a co-applicant

You can increase your chances of getting your loan application approved if you have a co-applicant. You will also increase your chances of better conditions and a lower interest rate. If you have records of non-payment, a co-applicant will be especially helpful. Having two debtors instead of one will increase the safety for the financial institution, since you will share the responsibility for the loan.

Why is a credit report issued when I apply for a loan?

Before you can be approved for a loan, a credit report is issued. This is done in order for the financial institution to assess your creditworthiness and whether your financial situation will allow you to repay a loan. When you apply for a loan through Zmarta, only one credit report is issued instead of several. This protects your creditworthiness and enables you to get loan offers from over 35 different banks and financial institutions.

Tips to save money & improve your financial situation

1. Consolidate your current loans

It might feel contradictory to take out a loan to redeem other loans. However, by consolidating current loans, you may get better conditions and a lowered interest rate. This can help you reduce your monthly cost significantly. 

2. Cancel any unnecessary subscriptions

Are you paying for a streaming service that you are not using? Are you signed up for audiobooks that you only read once every six months? Cancel them! By cancelling subscriptions that you are not using, you can save a lot of money that can be used for other expenses.

3. Make a budget

Create a budget for your personal finances. Include every penny and review all sources of income and expenses. If you create a budget and stick to it, you will often end up with more money at the end of the month and you can quickly see if there are any expenses that you can remove.

4. Use a loan broker

With a broker like Zmarta, only one credit report is issued and you will get all loan offers at the same place – all you need to do is compare and choose.

Avoid the hassle – apply for a loan online with Zmarta

Everything should be as quick and easy as possible, and taking out a loan is no exception. Going directly to a financial institution or a bank might take some time, and you are also at risk of not being offered a loan. If this happens, you are back at square one and need to start the whole process again. However, if you use a comparison service (like Zmarta), you can apply for a loan online and receive offers from over 35 different banks and financial institutions.

We go a step further and do the legwork for you. All you need to do is enter your information into the loan application and submit it, and then you wait. We will get back to you as soon as you have received a loan offer. After this you can compare the loans at your leisure and find the one that is best for you.

Frequently asked questions

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Never stop comparing

By comparing loans before you borrow, you're not only making sure you get the right conditions, you can also save money each month.