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Monthly cost SEK 2,196*
  • Free comparison
  • Multiple lenders - one UC

The interest rate is variable and is set individually. For an annuity loan of SEK 180,000 with 10 yrs term, nominal interest 7.95 % with SEK 0 in start-up fee/aviation fee, the effective interest becomes 8.25 %. Total amount to pay SEK 261,497 divided by 120 installments gives a monthly cost of SEK 2,179. Updated 2023-11-01.

Repayment period 1-20 yrs. The maximum interest rate is 29.40%. Interest range 5.2-29.40%

Your application is sent to the lenders that best match your profile

How does a consolidation loan work?

A consolidation loan means to apply for a loan in order to combine and pay for several other loans and credits. It is one of the better ways to get better conditions and a lower interest rate, at the same time as you lower your monthly cost.

If you wish to consolidate your loans with Zmarta, all you need to do is enter your details into the form and await possible loan offers. You can compare and choose a consolidation loan from up to 35 different banks and financial institutes – completely free of charge and without any obligations.

How it works

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Submit your application

Your application is forwarded to up to 35 financial institutes simultaneously, with only one credit report from UC.

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Choose your loan

We will compile all your loan offers on You can easily see which financial institute can offer the best loan for you.

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Money on your account

The money will be on your bank account within 1-4 days after your financial institution has received a signed loan agreement from you.

Why should you consolidate your loans?

  • Redeem expensive loans and credits with a loan of up to 600 000 SEK.

  • Lower your monthly cost by only having one loan to pay for.

  • Get a lower interest rate and better conditions.

  • Become debt free faster and improve your creditworthiness at the same time.

  • You can apply together with a co-applicant.

Benefits to consolidating your loans

  1. By consolidating your loans, you can easily get a clear view over your debts. Having a consolidation loan is financially advantageous, since many small loans and short-term credits often have high interest rates and fixed fees. It also improves your creditworthiness, which increases your chance of getting lower interest rates and better conditions in the future.

  2. If you consolidate your expensive small loans into a single personal loan, your monthly cost may decrease, since you probably need to pay less interest. When you have fewer expenses you can choose to amortize your loan further, which means that you can become debt free faster.

  3. When you have several small loans and credits with high interest rates, your monthly cost tends to increase. If you instead choose to consolidate your small loans into a larger loan, your monthly cost could decrease. This lowers the total cost for your loan and you will have money left over to use for more important things.

Tips for consolidating loans

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Compare and get a better interest rate

Comparing financial institutes makes it easy for you to see which one can offer you the best conditions and the lowest interest rate. This lets you save both time and money.

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Only one credit report = better credit score

When you use a loan broker, only one credit report is issued, which means that your creditworthiness is not negatively affected.

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Combine loans – get more money to spare

When you consolidate small loans into a larger one, you can often get a lower interest rate. A lower interest rate means more money left to use for things you enjoy.

What is required to consolidate loans and credits?

To consolidate several loans and credits, you need to apply for a consolidation loan. You can apply for a consolidation of your loans with Zmarta if:

  • You are over 18 years old

  • You have an annual income of at least 100 000 SEK 

  • You are registered in the Swedish Population Register

  • You do not have any unpaid debt with the Swedish Enforcement Authority

* With unpaid debt, we do not mean records of non-payment, since some banks and financial institutes may still approve your loan application even though you have records of non-payment. Unpaid debt means any outstanding debt with the Swedish Enforcement Authority that you have not paid off yet.

Consolidate your loans today and save money tomorrow

If multiple loans and credits drag you down, it might be beneficial for you to examine the possibility of consolidating them into a single loan. The first step is to start the process together with Zmarta.

We will help you compare up to 35 banks and financial institutes, so that you can find the best loan for your financial situation.

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Frequently asked questions

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Combine your loans into one

By consolidating your loans and kredits you can lower your monthly cost and get a lower interest rate at the same time.